The NUBOMEDIA Repository API has the objective of exposing the repository capabilities to application developers. By means of this repository capabilities, developer are able to store and recover multimedia streams (and metadata) in a cloud environment in a scalable, reliable and secure way. This API also provides fully interoperability with the NUBOMEDIA Media API, so that specific Media Elements are able to record/play media in/from the repository.

The NUBOMEDIA Repository API is build on the top of the Kurento Repository. The kurento-repository-sever can be provided in a seamless way by the NUBOMEDIA PaaS (see PaaS Manager page to find out how to do it).

NUBOMEDIA Repository Client

The NUBOMEDIA Repository Client (NRC) is a very light weight library that provides to access the NUBOMEDIA cloud repository. The NRC library has been distributed via Maven, and therefore it can be found on Maven central repository. In order to use it, simply include it on your project's pom.xml file as describe below. Notice that the original kurento-repository-client dependency is also required.

   <!-- Kurento client dependency -->

   <!-- Nubomedia client dependency -->


We are in active development. Please take a look to the Maven Central Repository to find out the latest version of the artifacts.

With these two dependencies included in our Java project, we are able to create instances of Kurento Repository Client, which is the object in charge of handling the repository server. Inside NUBOMEDIA, a single instance of this object should be created by application, example as follows:

    // One RepositoryClient instance per application
    RepositoryClient repositoryClient = RepositoryClientProvider.create();

In order to checkout running examples of NUBOMEDIA applications, please take a look to the tutorials section within this documentation. The nubomedia-repository-tutorial has been specifically designed to understand how to use the NUBOMEDIA Repository API.